Alberts Testimony

This is a testimony of a homeless man named Albert, several years ago Albert was hit by a car which landed him in a wheelchair barely able to walk. He had been coming to a church outreach in a local park for several months, he would never allow us to pray for him.

One day at an outreach Albert had a change of heart, he was in a lot of pain and his wounds from the accident were having issues healing properly and he allowed us to pray for him. One quick prayer and God healed all his pain! God then returned the strength to his legs, he was still weak from being in the wheelchair; he continued to gain strength in his entire body during the week. The following week Albert returned to the outreach riding a bicycle! Then he proceeded to help us load our vehicles carrying our ice chest!

We give all honor and glory to our Lord…He is the God of redemption…healing and the gifts of the Spirit are alive and true today!

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