Outreach: Pioneer Park, Mesa, AZ – 8/8/2021

We prayed for David (the man in the blue shirt) this evening in the park. God healed his broken toe and then he was open to hear the gospel! He received Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior, and was “God smacked” (laid out in the Spirit) where he met God!

He did not look like the same person afterwards, wow…God is good!

We prayed for another lady named Pam, she had fallen and her knee was swollen and bruised, God reached down and healed her knee! We watched the swelling go down and the bruise changed from dark to pink as the swelling went down; we just watched in amazement how God touched this woman. We continued to pray for her and her friend as well.

Another Man Rodney had just had a cast removed from his left arm, he had broken it and the bone had come through the skin, you could see his scar from the accident. He was not able to rotate his arm at all due to the stiffness of being in a cast. God healed him in a couple of quick prayers! He was able to get full rotation and mobility back in his arm, and God also healed his back pain. We prayed that his truck seat would be a bed of clouds and until he could have a real bed again.

Many seeds were planted. No one was ready to get off the streets tonight…but God did so many other things all so He would receive glory.

God also reached and touched many families tonight as well, while we blessed them with free water and snacks in this low income area.

Many thanks to Midwest Food Bank Arizona for the support of food and beverages that make God’s work possible! May your storehouse and it’s volunteers be richly blessed.

Thank you Lord! You are always faithful to show up and show off!

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